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    Deep inside our packs formation

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    Deep inside our packs formation

    Post  Cyan on Mon Aug 01, 2011 1:25 pm

    Our pack was formed by this young wolf named Cyan. Her life though was not like ordinary wolves. When she was young she lived in the state of Wisconsin. Everyone from her liter except her and her sister Crystal, were killed. Her family was attacked constantly, by eagles by enemy wolf packs and by hunters. The hunters attacked at night everyone was fighting for their life. A shadow loomed over me and a hunter picked me up. The last things I saw were my sister running for her life and my parents lying motionless on the ground.I thought that was it but as I was wrong. Since I was young the hunters took me in and trained me as a hunting dog, I was to young to remember anything about my family so I grew up thinking this was home. Though my life changed about a year after. We went hunting for elk and we saw a wolf so we chased it. We cornered her but then another wolf jumped out and helped her. They killed all the dogs except for me and they badly injured the hunters. As we walked back my hunter fell, the others just kept moving saying, "Come Cyan, it was his time." I growled and stayed by his side. He died shortly after. I decided to just walk away... to somewhere I had no home... I ended up traveling to Alaska in search of other wolves. I met one wolf and I really enjoyed his company so I started a pack with him, and this is how our pack started. So we traveled and then we made our home here in Alaska and we found the perfect spot for our home and this is how it started... a former hunting wolf and now living among a pack. This is our story... it will continue until we no longer live in Alaska, we will continue to the very end.

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